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Reposted answers from tumblr involving the Kilroy story! Here we go!

Sorry if you posted about this before and I just missed it or something, but does Kilroy do the full-on phantom thief thing? Leaving advanced notice, high-profile thefts, etc? Does he disguise himself? What's the modus operandi? (Also also does he have any supernatural powers from the spirit or anything?? Are there any drawbacks, if so? Sorry I'm just really curious .v.;;; )

Aaaa nono shhh omg anon don’t be sorry in fact you’re my favorite person right now Q3Q holy shit my day is made!

As for Kilroy doing the whole phantom thief thing, I would say both… yes and no. He leaves a card in place of the stolen items, and yes, advance notices too. Though, there are a few rare cases where he has to be more low-key about things… For example, maybe the target might be in the hands of someone who’s very likely to try and sell or otherwise get rid of it so they wouldn’t have to deal with him (and it’d be a massive pain in the butt to have to track down where it went and have to case that place out too…), or the mission might be exceedingly dangerous (he may like a good challenge, but even he’s got life-gambling limits- especially once he finds himself taking care of a kid). Usually in cases where there’s no clear owner of the object, he’ll just send the notice to the police instead. Disguises are definitely a thing can do, but he doesn’t always need to use them. It’s best to use them just enough to keep people on their toes, but not enough that it becomes too predictable… (That, and it’s kinda funny to watch people get all paranoid at fancy parties and accuse each other of being you while you wait in the vents for the proper time to turn off the lights.) Mostly, he tries not to be a one-trick pony. That wouldn’t be very fun for anyone, now would it?

Oh goodness, you’d think having a fairly strong mirror spirit would help with things, yeah? Well, technically it can do some things, but its power is pretty limited in its current shattered state. Because of this, it doesn’t really step in unless it absolutely has to (after all, if Kilroy dies, the spirit’s going down with him). Even then, the spirit would have to take time to recover afterwards, which means it’d be dormant and unable to help or talk to him for a while. Currently, it can do small things like speed up healing, enhance abilities and senses, stuff like that…

But yeah, due to how spirit magic works, anything stronger than that would require a sacrifice. Maybe not a huge one, not at first. It just needs to be “something of personal significance”, so maybe, I dunno, a teddy bear you had as a kid, or a journal, or idk maybe your computer lol. Not a big deal, right? Well… stronger abilities have higher price tags, and even smaller powers can get kind of addicting. Maybe you get so used to them that it becomes normal, and you start to want more… Maybe even crave it. And maybe, just maybe, that price tag begins to seem less expensive than it used to…

So yeah, you can see how this can get into some pretty Faustian-deal territory.; Mirror!Kilroy advises against it for a reason. Remember kids, winners don’t do Faustian deals! After all, you might end up as a spirit yourself, stuck in a mirror until some poor schmuck lets you out! Just say no.

OOOO TELL ME ABOUT YOUR OCS u can rant on each and every one if u want or just ur favourites or a whole list of every single one from every fandom and their base personality traits or backstories or whatever but ??? i wanna knowwww

GOODNESS bless ur soul anon i have so many OCs that i could go on for years but i’ll try to keep from rambling too much. XD I don’t really have any fandom OCs really, since I tend to be too attached to the characters from my favorite series to really deviate from writing or drawing my faves, but I have put some of my own characters into fandom AUs before in rps and stuff, so there’s that? (Sometimes I just really like to think about what pokemon my characters would have ok sdfgh)

For the sake of not making this list way too long, I’m gonna stick to Kilroy characters since it’s what I’ve been working on for like years now:

Kilroy - Master thief, real name is John, is a book nerd who aspires to be an author upon retirement, got his thief name from a story he’d been working on. Broke a cursed mirror and is possessed by a spirit, and now has to steal items that contain lost bits of his soul. Is into dudes. (I wrote a lot about him already, so for more info check in the “my OCs” tag on my blog!)

Mirror Kilroy - A spirit that was trapped in a cursed mirror for a very very very very very, VERY, veryveryvery very long-ass time. Is sort of a mimic in a way; due to being in a mirror, it takes on the appearance and personality traits of its hosts. While stripped of its own identity long ago, it does retain a bit of its own personality, and memories from its time in the mirror. Currently a he, and on friendly terms with his host (unlike the last one…). Craves freedom.

Mera - 7 year old cinnamon roll and adopted daughter of Kilroy, was bounced around from caretaker to caretaker because horribly bad luck befalling anyone who cared for her wasn’t exactly helping things. Hobbies include doodling, building pillow forts, making soup out of whatever she finds and feeding it to her stuffed animals, getting dad to tell her stories, and watching her favorite show on all of TV: Cop Dog.

Jared - Giant cinnamon roll and friend of Kilroy, he lives in the ground-level house above Kilroy’s underground hidden secret home. Is working towards becoming a chef due to love of cooking, refuses to help with Kilroy’s shenanigans, looks intimidating af but is pretty chill and wouldn’t hurt anyone unless they really fucking deserved it. Came from a hidden dystopian city, so he’s currently adjusting to normal life. Possibly has a bit of giant in his bloodline somewhere, but nobody really knows for sure, including him.

Trevor - Werewolf policeman in charge of the Kilroy case, is very intimidating to anyone who doesn’t know him very well. Fiercely protective of loved ones. Is kind of stoic and quiet in social situations, mainly due to feeling awkward. Never forgets his team’s birthdays, will quietly leave cards or small gifts on their desks. Had a really fucked up childhood that gave him a fear of old farms. His boss got him out of that situation years ago, and has since been like a father to him. Is bi, but was scared to admit it for the longest time due to a very strict upbringing. Likes strawberries.

Eliza - Second in command on Trevor’s team, and will often be in charge of setting up traps for Kilroy (she can also run as fast as the thief, making her quite a big threat to him lol; ). Is close friends with Trevor, has worked with him and knows him better than anyone else on the team. While she takes her job seriously, she knows how to kick back and relax when off work (something she tries to help Trev with, but not exactly the most luck there). Takes no shit from anyone, is ripped af, and comes from a big family (she has 5 siblings). Has pictures of frogs in her office because they’re too cute ok geez

Helena - Childhood friend of John, doesn’t know what happened to him since he ran away from home (not for lack of trying, she’d been trying to track him down for ages). Ended up going to college and getting a job as a therapist, so she could help people like John and his dad, or her aunt. Currently Trevor’s therapist. Cool-headed, loves bad puns, cats, and cheesy old sci fi/horror b-movies.

Spencer - (reworked old character yaaay) Is very short bespectacled nerd and very diluted merperson blood runs in his family. Doesn’t have a fish tail or anything, but does have gills and slightly webbed fingers and toes, skin dries out really easily. Can breathe both above land and underwater. Was caught as a teen hacking into the systems of a big fishing business that practically took over the small port town he lived in, to reroute small amounts of its profits to the banks of the families affected. Is now in Trevor’s team and handles all of the tech stuff. Loves robots and spends his free time programming little games out of boredom. His dad is ridiculously beautiful.

Nancy - Information expert, helping on the Kilroy case. Is a bit of a gossip-lover, has excellent memory, and knows at least one thing about everyone in the station. Don’t worry, she uses her information-gathering skills for good (unless you piss her off. Unless you’ve been a perfect human being, there’s probs dirt on you somewhere. Beware….). Loves jogging, going to the beach, and crocheting things as a hobby. Is a vegetarian.

Rex - The happiest damn bara who ever lived. Always seems to have a lot of energy, very optimistic even in bad situations, and puts his all into everything he does- which sometimes leads to things accidentally being broken. Oops. He’s one of the newer additions to Trevor’s team, but he’s not really an expert on anything- He’s more a part of the rest of the group of backup allotted to these cases… But nonetheless, he gives it his all! Wants to go on to be a detective one day. Follow those dreams!

Neil - Not much is known about this fellow… An eccentric millionaire and ex-phantom thief, as well as the previous owner of Kilroy’s house and previous host of the mirror spirit, this older gentleman mostly keeps to himself these days. Dabbles in the occult, or at least did so in the past, judging by the old books he left behind. According to the mirror spirit, he was hungry for power, money, and influence, trying to keep it trapped and enslaved in order to achieve these things… as well as possible immortality. He may not have given up on that last one just yet… Only time will tell.


Whoaaa holy shit this ended up being way longer than intended, sorry peeps. XD ; But yeah I hope that was a nice read, anon! >W< Hopefully this helped explain some things. And hey, I even got to introduce characters I haven’t had a chance to draw yet too, so yeah! Thanks anon!



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